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Walking and Cycling Routes...

There are numerous Travel Companies that offer Walking and Cycling Holidays in the Dordogne but are not exclusively dedicated to the Region. This Page features local Guides, Tourism Offices and Companies that have made it their business to offer the best the Dordogne and Lot can offer which importantly, comes with loads of local knowledge! The Dordogne Marked Trails Network is of the highest standards and will allow you to explore the Dordogne almost entirely on foot or by cycling! These are some of the best websites to either point you in the right direction or offer Guided Tours that can even take you 'off the beaten track' to explore some of the Dordogne's hidden secrets!


Route You...

'Route You' is not exclusively for the Dordogne area but has a large number of routes with excellent graphics giving; Elevations, Notes by Walkers and Cyclists, photos and even accommodation along the way!

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Walking Dordogne...

'Walking Dordogne' is an excellent website dedicated exclusively to the Dordogne area! It is full of information releating to marked trails with excellent illustrations, graphics and photos! As well as 'Do it Yourself', they offer Guide Tours that will take you off the beaten track to explore the Pre-History of Dordogne for an adventure you will never forget!

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Dordogne Experience...

'Dordogne Experience' offers self-guide Walking and Cycling holidays usually of 7 night duration. They provide all the route information you will need to explore all that the Dordogne can offer with convenient stop-overs in 2 and 3 star hotels where you will find your luggage transported ahead of you!

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Lot and Dordogne Tourism...

The 'Lot and Dordogne Tourism' website has a very comprehensive directory dedicated to Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding routes... over 200 routes of various lengths, loops and terrain are identified and marked on maps with photos and reviews! This is an amazing resource to explore the area!

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