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Take at Least 2 Stopovers!...


Depending how adventurous you are and your starting point, it is advisable to divide the journey into sizeable segments that gives you a sense of achievement but provides for fuel stops and an arrival time still in daylight! The Route Suggestion provides for either a Dover-Calais or Portsmouth-Le Havre Channel crossing with campsites I have used and can recommend. Of course there are many others to choose from but the main aim of this route is to join the A20 as quickly as possible! The A20 is toll-free south to Souillac and from where you can enter the Dordogne Region. You can check traffic conditions from the live Autoroute webcam! The full list of Autoroute webcams plus all sorts of useful driving information can be found on the website! Whatever route you choose, avoid the Paris Peripherique at all costs! If approaching from Calais, aim for Rouen then Chartres, then Orleans. The same applies from Le Havre but is shorter.