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By: Russell | February 19, 2018

This is the bridge over the River Lemance in the Village of Sauveterre, hence Sauveterre la Lemance and although its not high on the tourist trail, it has a village character of its own and we love it because it is the nearest village to our favourite campsite, Moulin du Perie! That's our little fold-up bikes by the way, named Itchy and Scratchy by Californian friends who seem to find them highly amusing! Sauveterre is actually in the Commune of Lot-et-Garonne which is a little further south from the Dordogne Valley and sits between it and the vineyards of the Lot Valley. Sauveterre is the home of a Prehistory Museum, a 'Marie' and a very modern 'Community Hall' both of which played an important role in the campsite daughter's wedding to which we were honorary guests! A French Village Wedding is something to behold and experience as at some point all the village is either invited to celebrate in the Village Hall or must bare witness to the cavalcade of decorated cars with horns blaring as the wedding party departs the Marie!

Sauveterre is well connected to all the main Villages and Towns by this beautiful light-transit train that shuttles up and down the single track on a regular basis taking you to Towns such as Fumel and Agen to the south and Sarlat and Bergerac to the north! From a sight-seeing point of view, Chateau Bonaguil which is well worth a visit and it is only a few minutes drive away!

Sauveterre is overlooked by its own Bastille which now forms part of a luxurious residential complex on the hill. The walk or cycle back up the 3km of narrow roads, bridle ways and paths towards the campsite leads you past corn fields, small cottages and beautiful French Oak woodland... peace and tranquility!